It is with great regret and huge disappointment that has to cancel the current competition and re-evaluate its position in the market.

Everyone who played after 5 pm on 16th April in competition No.2 will be refunded 100% over the next few days from 2nd May to 5th May. Please bear with us during this period, we'll get through them all as fast as we can. Outstanding credits are not refundable for cash.

We would genuinely like to thank all those that did play for showing trust in us so early in our venture. Unfortunately, it hasn't worked out and we can only apologise for raising your hopes of winning a car.

The main reason for our closure and re-evaluation is the level of scepticism online at almost any new venture that appears, even the honest ones like ours. It is understandable to a certain extent but we did not realise the magnitude of it and how difficult, time consuming and costly it would be to overcome.

Thanks again,